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past lives


in a state of consciousness


in the energies

by Yavhe

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A past life regression session consists of having a person live, through a modified state of consciousness (relaxation sophrology, visualization and breathing), experiences that they have had in their past lives.


The information has a profound therapeutic purpose to bring to consciousness a reality of the past and to reprogram the original imprint that hinders the present life. 

Understanding what happened helps you to cut ties and free yourself from these memories by going to contact the blockage to find out the deep reasons and free yourself from them. For example, it is possible that in other lives you have committed yourself through vows of poverty or obedience that you wish to break in this life. It is necessary to consciously participate in this process of rupture.

A regression session brings the person to physically and emotionally feel the intensity of a past life. On the one hand, this is what makes the power of this vibrational treatment since it is YOU who live it by bringing to your consciousness what was in your unconsciousness. On the other hand, this is the reason why you will be accompanied by two therapists (mediums) to guide you through this unusual and revealing experience. Know, however, that nothing can be experienced without your knowledge if you are not ready to experience it.

For who?

We have thousands of lives. Our cellular memories retain traces of past lives. It is therefore possible to experience fears, anxieties, karmic bonds that do not belong to us in this present life. This experience will allow you to clean up these fears or these links.

Place :

In person by appointment in Quebec

Duration :

1h30 to 2h

Cost :


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