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Flower of Life


The flower of life is a geometric figure which gives access to an initiatory key. It is about the most powerful transmitter of waves of form (more than the pyramid) which makes you profit from the power which it releases. The meeting of the dodecahedron and the semi-precious stones makes it possible to increase the divine properties by working on the subtle planes.

In summary, here are some of the properties of the flower of life:

  • balance energies (chakras)

  • overcome stress

  • promote relaxation and meditation

  • harmonize human relations

  • promote contact with our soul and the deities

  • promote better intuition.


In summary, here are some properties of natural stones:

Quartz blanc.jpg

White agate

CHAKRA: Sacral
OR GANES AND HEALTH: Back, Digestive system, Nervous system

Stone of the Energy of the Sacred White Flame of Mary, of Love, Compassion and Benevolence. Create peace, happiness and harmony. It promotes soft and tender communication. It dissolves inner blockages. It stimulates fertility in men.

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Crazy lace agate

GOLD AND HEALTH: Smell, gallbladder, bladder, kidneys

Stone of dynamism and physical strength. It gives energy and strengthens the body by bringing inner peace. It helps to overcome addictions and allergies.

Agate bleu.jpg
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Blue agate

CHAKRA: Throat, 3rd eye
GOLD GANES AND HEALTH: Throat, nervous system

Stone that promotes communication with oneself and others. It allows mental and emotional relaxation.



chakra  : Throat
ORGANS AND HEALTH:  The nervous system

Stone that promotes relaxation, rebalances sleep and relieves tension due to stress. It releases guilt and restores a feeling of freedom.  It is the stone of craftsmen because it has the ability to free the imagination and creativity. It is also the stone of lovers because it strengthens the life of a couple and makes it happier.



chakra  : 3rd eye and crown
GOLD AND HEALTH:  Pancreas, Liver, Glands, Headaches, Fluid Retention

Stone of wisdom and humility, it promotes spiritual elevation, concentration and meditation.



chakra  : 3rd eye
GOLD AND HEALTH:  Liver, Brain, Nervous System

Stone which allows to reveal and release images of the past in which one could believe and which must be called into question. Brings out our thought patterns so that we can analyze and question them. Stone of the quest for knowledge. It facilitates astral travel.



chakra  : Solar plexus
GOLD AND HEALTH:  Stomach, Blood circulation

Stone known for soothing and relaxing properties. It improves self-confidence and encourages decision-making to regain control of our actions and our lives.



chakra  : 3rd eye
ORGANS AND HEALTH: Thyroid gland, Fevers, Menstrual cramps, Thymus problems.

Stone that calms the nervous system and stimulates brain functions.  It brings wisdom and intuition. It promotes clairaudience and communication with the guides.



chakra  : Sacral and solar plexus
OR GANES  AND HEALTH:  Spleen, Pancreas

Stone that brings anchoring, courage, concentration, serenity and unity. She is a supreme protector. Placed under the pillow, it helps us remember our dreams.

It helps in making quick decisions and putting thoughts into action. It will help you concentrate.

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Black jasper

chakra  : Sacred Root
OR GANES  AND HEALTH:  Spleen, Pancreas

Energetically very powerful stone. It strengthens in all situations of everyday life. Encourages change and novelty in all areas. It helps with discernment. It has exceptional protective properties at all levels.

Jaspe leopard.jpg
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Leopard Jasper

chakra  : Solar plexus
OR GANES  AND HEALTH:  Spleen, Pancreas, Regenerate cells and slow down aging

Stone that promotes concentration, communication. It develops the capacity of resistance, banishes anxieties and gives courage.
It promotes premonitory dreams.

Stone for pregnant women. It allows a good progress of the pregnancy.

Jaspe picasso.jpg
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Picasso jasper

chakra  : Root and Sacred
OR GANES  AND HEALTH:  Hormonal system

Stone that gives courage, stimulates the mind and the imagination, facilitates eloquence, makes more lively and helps to take action. It helps to relieve us of guilt and to go to the end of our ideas while remaining true to ourselves. It facilitates rooting, linking it to the telluric energies of the earth.

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chakra  : Solar plexus

Removes emotional blockages and depression.

It promotes social relationships and develops optimism. It has a positive impact on mood and makes it easier to meet people and be optimistic.

It helps to improve self-esteem, ignore shyness and push boundaries. It improves self-confidence. It pushes to move forward in a positive and luminous path.



Chakra: Root
ORGANS AND HEALTH: Liver, Kidneys spleens, Consolidates iron

Stone that develops the ability to listen. It soothes, relaxes, purifies, transmits courage and energy in difficult times.  It protects against negative energies.



chakra  : Root
GOLD AND HEALTH:  Blood circulation, Menopause, Thyroid, Slimming

Stone used in relaxations and meditations. Promotes balance and discernment by improving rooting. It allows you to better control yourself with calm and gentleness. It helps to cut ties with negative behaviors and emotions.



chakra  : Throat and hands
ORGANS AND HEALTH:  Fever,  allergies,  blood pressure,  Toxins,  Skin, Hair,  Throat, Lymph,  Thyroid

Stone ally of practitioners and people in a context of help and listening to the person. It protects against the discomfort of others for sensitive and empathic beings.

lapi lazue.jpg

Lapis lazuli

chakra  : Throat

Stone that harmonizes body and mind. It fights anxiety and sadness. It is an effective energy shield against psychic attacks.

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chakra  : Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
ORGANS AND HEALTH:   Circulatory system,  Digestive system

Protective and soothing stone. It helps to assume the changes in our life and gives a sense of security in the face of unforeseen situations. It helps us achieve our goals in a serene way.

Obsidienne noire.jpg

Black obsidian

chakra  : 3rd eye
GOLD AND HEALTH:  Virile Potency, Sexual Vigor

Stone that protects against negative energies. It is a powerful shield against harmful influences. Acting both physically and spiritually, its black color gives it an advanced degree of consciousness. Renowned for absorbing pain and trauma, it is a liberating stone.

Oeil de taureau.jpg

Bull's eye

chakra  : Root
GOLD AND HEALTH:  Back, Joints, Stomach

Stone of protection to acquire strength and courage.  Recommended for athletes, it provides the energy needed to sustain physical effort. She works on anemia, libido and menstrual pain. It calms angry temperaments.

Oeil de tigre.jpg

Eye of tiger

chakra  : 3rd  eye,  Solar plexus
OR GANES  AND HEALTH:  Nervous system, Stomach, Bones, Joints

Stone that helps to fix concentration, meditation, will and vitality. She brings discernment and intuition by working on emotional blockages. It helps the proper functioning of the joints and the nervous system.

Onyx noir.jpg


chakra  : Root
OR GANES  AND HEALTH:  Pancreas, Bones

Stone which has the virtue of healing old physical or psychic traumas which still affect the present life. It increases self-control and helps develop a sense of responsibility. It provides strength and support during times of significant mental or physical stress. It helps with emotional stability and brings harmony by absorbing negativity. It promotes blood circulation.

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chakra  : Crown
OR GANES  AND HEALTH:  Promotes Sleep, Fights Infections, Bladder and Kidney

Stone of protection, but which amplifies both negative and positive personal emotions. It teaches us to take responsibility by showing us our emotional state.  It stimulates creativity and originality.

perle blanche.jpg
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White pearl

chakra  : Solar Plexus, Sacral
ORGANS  AND HEALTH:  stomach ulcers,  Intestines,  Adrenal glands

A tender and feminine stone, it provides peace and well-being. It works on depression by reviving energy. In the East, it is attributed virtues related to fertility and an aphrodisiac character.

pierre de lave.jpg

Lava stone

chakra  : Root
OR GANES  AND HEALTH:  The nervous system

Stone of rooting, it makes joyful and spontaneous by resolving tensions. It helps to manage anger in order to express it and free oneself from it. It pushes for reflection and truth. It helps to know yourself, your parts of shadows and lights by integrating them. It acts against negativity. It helps us to separate ourselves from the past and acts on the unconscious problems of our Karma. It stimulates and strengthens your spiritual purpose and encourages you to explore the unknown by expanding your horizons.



Chakra: Heart 
GOLD AND HEALTH:  Liver, Nervous system

Stone that helps heal the wounds of the past with love and compassion. It brings you to live the energy of the present moment and to be placed in the heart. It allows you to better accept yourself without judgment and guilt. It allows you to better express your emotions.

Quartz blanc.jpg

White quartz

chakra  : Crown
ORGANS AND HEALTH:  Back, Digestive system, Nervous system

Stone of healing, harmonization and amplification. It brings vitality, comfort and tenderness. It unblocks the energy channels and drives out the  negative energies. It helps to achieve spiritual purity by accentuating the effects of meditation to allow you to open new thresholds of vibrations. It promotes concentration and makes it more social and understanding.

Quartz rose.jpg

Pink quartz

chakra  : Heart
ORGANS AND HEALTH:  Heart, Insomnia, Ulcers

Stones symbolizing love and tenderness. It allows a connection with universal love and eliminates the most painful emotional wounds. It stimulates friendship and brings peace, self-respect, and promotes forgiveness. This stone would help in case of depression.

Calming stone, excellent stone for a child!

Quartz fumé.jpg

Smoky quartz

chakra  : Feet, root and sacred
GOLD AND HEALTH:  Connective tissues, and muscles, Kidneys, Pancreas, Genitals

Stone of responsibility and refocusing. It would calm too strong emotions and help concentration. It eliminates irrational fears, anxieties and inner contradictions. It strengthens self-confidence, but also the ability to open up to others and make the right decisions. It helps fight depression. It stabilizes the mood. It helps to fight any form of addiction (alcohol or drugs).

Turquoise bleu.jpg

Turquoise blue

Chakra: Throat
GOLD GANES AND HEALTH: Kidneys, Pneuonia

A stone with healing properties, it balances and unifies mind and body. It develops the finesse of intuition and empathy. It protects against negative waves or harmful radiation, such as electromagnetic waves. It helps in meditation. It facilitates communication, speech. It brings calm and serenity, amplifying the capacities of love.

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