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Quantum jewelry

Do you know the power of sacred geometry ?

The egg of life and the flower of life, used for the creation of jewelry, are waveforms.  


By the vibration they emit , these forms come into harmony with your bio-electromagnetic field and this is how the change begins.  This is the reason why Quanta jewellery stands out from the rest.  They are vibrational jewels.  Moreover, their power is amplified by the natural stones .

Learn to Wear Proudly your Quanta jewel; your energy partner!

Josee Labbe


My life changed when my mother died in 1990.


I am an only child and had just given birth to my first child. I lived very ambivalent emotions, on the one hand I had the happiness of seeing a new life grow and on the other hand I let go of the one who should have accompanied me in this new role of mother. The one who saw me grow up and who shared all the important moments of my life. Strangely, deep in my heart I didn't have too much pain. I discovered years later that my mother was still with me in energy. So I couldn't experience the mourning that I should have since I felt her very close. This is how over the years, my mother who wanted to take care of me remained in my energies for about ten years. I must tell you that no entity has the right to be in your own energies, whether you know it or not.


By remaining in my energies, my mother fed on them and sucked my energies little by little. One day, when my spirits were pretty low, a friend of mine took me to see a medium. That day changed me forever. She freed my mother from my energies and told me that the beings of light were very grateful. I had accomplished my mission to release this karma which had been transmitted for generations from mother to daughter and that I was in order to receive a grace.


From that day on, I completely transformed. I understood, I perceived, I discovered and I knew. For too long, my mother had blocked my channel and I was reconnecting with the power that I had developed in my previous lives.


Nine months after this very special encounter with the medium, my own mediumistic gifts were developing. My mother no longer blocked my canal. At first I thought I was going crazy because when I was meditating my body began to move, to speak without my having control. I was surrounded by a powerful electromagnetic field that shattered or blew up everything in my path. I tamed this state of being for a year to discover that I was now very well accompanied by a being of light who presented himself to me in the name of YHWH (Yahvé). It represents for me a powerful vibration which is associated with that of the source. I started, in 2004, to meet people to accompany them in their incarnation of life. I deliver messages to help them progress by understanding the meaning of their life experiences.  Each of the encounters allowed me to grow and learn more about interdimensionality. I am continually guided by messages and synchronicities that never cease to amaze me to guide the choices I make through a more enlightened vision.

Josée Labbé miditation

Josée Labbé miditation

Josée Labbée créatrice des bijoux quanta

Josée Labbée créatrice des bijoux quanta

Josée Labbée créatrice des bijoux quanta

Josée Labbée

Josée Labbée

Josée Labbée créatrice des bijoux quanta


I was born in Quebec City. I have always been very creative and I developed it further during my studies in wearable arts at Notre-Dame-de-Foy college. I also specialized as a stylist in Toronto at “  color house  ". I worked in this field for five years. Later, I learned  the specifics of customer service in different shops and stores. When I started studying teaching, at the age of 35, I was working as a make-up artist for Maison Lancôme.

Designer, stylist and teacher by training, I have always been attracted  by understanding the meaning of life and its experiences. I remember my mother occasionally bringing a medium to our house just for entertainment. The release of my memories of past lives brought me recognition of this privileged link with YHWH (Yahweh), a being of light and love.

One day I saw a friend wearing a dodecahedron around her neck. I was hypnotized by this form, the flower of life. I started after a few months of research and practice to produce my jewels with the aim of activating, by the creation that I had neglected, my chakra of the sacred feminine. This is how I discovered the powers of the dodecahedron. I let myself be guided in my creativity by harmonizing this sacred geometric shape with the use of natural stones. Then, I received the information to create a lava collection to diffuse essential oils or tree essences. Even today, I receive information in order to develop therapeutic tools with the dodecahedron. I am waiting for the right moment, when I will have a sign, to make these requests come true.


I knew that the dodecahedron was a very powerful wave transmitter. I knew the properties of stones. But, I still had the need to check the power of my jewelry. I gave my medium friends Quanta necklaces so that she could share their feelings with me. They all testified and recognized their particularity. Quanta jewels are highly vibratory since they are the combination of sacred form, natural stones and the energy that accompanies me. They work on our DNA. In addition, the being of light that I channel transmits high energies during their creation to accompany each of the jewels.


Simple and uncluttered, they are created by introducing the dodecahedron (flower of life) or its simplified form (flower bud or egg of life) in order to  to offer you a vibratory jewel of exceptional power.


I possess the gift of claircognizance. So when I need access to information for my life experience, I just have to ask and it usually comes to me through coincidences, synchronicities, dreams or just as a good idea. I'm sure many of you will understand me. We don't know why we know, but we know it. That's all. I still took some training to feed my ego. I have my diplomas as a Reiki master and a lightarian master. I developed a curiosity about First Nations spirituality. I participated in a few workshops and seminars on these themes. But beyond all training, the information that I receive in an inspired and guided way remains the wisest and the real life lessons for me.

Yavhé channeling

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