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The 1 ½ inch (4cm) turquoise pendulum is supported by a stainless steel chain adorned with a turquoise stone and stainless steel fittings. The flower of life is designed from 4mm turquoise stones and has a total size of ¾ inch (1.8cm)

blue turquoise pendulum

  • The Quanta pendulum is created from the flower of life, a wave form. By placing the flower of life on her hand, she can better capture the energy of the pendulum for the transmission of movement.




    turquoise blue


    Chakra: Throat


    ORGANS AND HEALTH: Kidneys, Pneuonia


    A stone with healing properties, it balances and unifies mind and body. It develops the finesse of intuition and empathy. It protects against negative waves or harmful radiation, such as electromagnetic waves. It helps in meditation. It facilitates communication, speech. It brings calm and serenity, amplifying the capacities of love.

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