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The 1 ½ inch (4cm) quartz pendulum  is supported by a stainless steel chain adorned with a clear quartz stone  and stainless steel accessories. The flower of life is designed from quartz stones  4mm and a total size of ¾ inch (1.8cm)

Clear quartz pendulum

  • The Quanta pendulum is created from the flower of life, a wave form. By placing the flower of life on her hand, she can better capture the energy of the pendulum for the transmission of movement.



    white quartz

    chakra  : Crown

    ORGANS AND HEALTH:  Back, Digestive system, Nervous system

    Stone of healing, harmonization and amplification. It brings vitality, comfort and tenderness. It unblocks the energy channels and drives out the  negative energies. It helps to achieve spiritual purity by accentuating the effects of meditation to allow you to open new thresholds of vibrations. It promotes concentration and makes it more social and understanding.

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