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The 1 ½ inch (4cm) obsidian pendulum is supported by a stainless steel chain adorned with an obsidian stone and stainless steel fittings. The flower of life is crafted from 4mm obsidian stones and has a total size of ¾ inch (1.8cm)

obsidian pendulum

  • The Quanta pendulum is created from the flower of life, a wave form. By placing the flower of life on her hand, she can better capture the energy of the pendulum for the transmission of movement.




    chakra  : 3rd eye


    ORGANS AND HEALTH:  Virile Potency, Sexual Vigor


    Stone that protects against negative energies. It is a powerful shield against harmful influences. Acting both physically and spiritually, its black color gives it an advanced degree of consciousness. Renowned for absorbing pain and trauma, it is a liberating stone.

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