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8mm lava stone bracelet adorned with a 4mm lava egg of life. * Accessories are in antique brass color. The size of the living egg is approximately ½ inch (1.2cm).

Lava bracelet

  • The egg of life  is a waveform that makes you benefit from the power it releases. The wave it emits interacts with your electromagnetic field and brings change in your energies. The meeting of the egg of life and the semi-precious stones makes it possible to increase the divine properties by working on the subtle planes. 

    Egg of life: promotes meditation, knowledge and harmonization.



    Lava: Stone of rooting, it makes joyful and spontaneous by resolving tensions. It helps to manage anger in order to express it and free oneself from it. It pushes for reflection and truth. It helps to know yourself, your parts of shadows and lights by integrating them. It acts against negativity. It helps us to separate ourselves from the past and acts on the unconscious problems of our Karma. It stimulates and strengthens your spiritual purpose and encourages you to explore the unknown by opening your horizons. It is associated with the root chakra. She works on the nervous system.

    Metals  : Antique brass

    Height : 7 1/4 inches, 18.5 cm

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