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Your energy partner!

Highly vibratory jewelery

Quanta Universal jewelery is highly vibrational as it combines the power of sacred geometry , natural stones and the energy channeled by Mrs. Josee Labbe .


Fashion designer, teacher and medium,

Ms. Labbé was guided through her mediumship to create authentic jewelery from sacred geometry.


The being of light that she channels transmits through her high energies to accompany each of the jewels.


Simple and pure, they are created by introducing the flower of life or the egg of life to offer you a vibratory jewel of exceptional power.


Indeed, this form has the original form of all life on earth .


The flower of life

The flower of life is the geometrical figure that represents the access to an initiatory key, according to Plato. It is a powerful emitter of form waves that allows you to benefit from the power it gives off. It symbolizes the universe and the golden ratio. The combination of the flower of life and semi-precious stones increases the divine properties by working on the subtle planes . You can find books and websites that can teach you more about the subject.

In summary, here are some of the properties of the flower of life: to balance the energies (chakras), to overcome stress, to promote relaxation and meditation, to harmonize human relationships, to promote contact with our soul and the divinities, to promote better intuition.


I would like to share my admiration for Quanta Universal jewellery.


Its creator, Josée, is professional and her creativity, choice of stone and layout is always sublime. Egg of life brings beautiful vibrations and for me, protects me and gives me confidence.


Each piece of jewelery is a gift to myself and as I have more than one, each one brings me what I need; security, confidence, love, energetic cleansing, etc.


I advise you to simply try them and see what effect they have on you! Let's support a local, home-grown company!

Thank you Universal Quanta for existing and long life!

And I'm waiting patiently for the post office to deliver my latest one!

— Josee D.

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