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The 1 ½ inch (4cm) tiger eye pendulum  is supported by a stainless steel chain adorned with a tiger eye stone  and stainless steel accessories. The flower of life is crafted from tiger eye stones  4mm and a total size of ¾ inch (1.8cm)

Tiger eye pendulum

  • The Quanta pendulum is created from the flower of life, a wave form. By placing the flower of life on her hand, she can better capture the energy of the pendulum for the transmission of movement.



    Eye of tiger

    chakra  : 3rd  eye,  Solar plexus

    ORGANS  AND HEALTH:  Nervous system, Stomach, Bones, Joints

    Stone that helps to fix concentration, meditation, will and vitality. She brings discernment and intuition by working on emotional blockages. It helps the proper functioning of the joints and the nervous system.

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