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A 4mm smoky quartz stone flower of life supported by a dark brown cotton cord with a sliding knot allowing length adjustment up to approximately 28 inches (70 centimeters). The size of the Flower of Life is approximately ¾ inch (1.8cm).

Smoky Quartz Flower of Life

SKU: 0006
  • The flower of life  is a geometric figure that gives access to an initiatory key. It is about the most powerful transmitter of waves of form (more than the pyramid) which makes you profit from the power which it releases. The wave it emits interacts with your electromagnetic field and brings change in your energies. The meeting of the flower of life and semi-precious stones makes it possible to increase the divine properties by working on the subtle planes. 


    In summary, here are some of the properties of the dodecahedron  :

    • balance energies (chakras)

    • overcome stress 

    • promote relaxation and meditation

    • harmonize human relations

    • promote contact with our soul and the deities

    • promote better intuition.


    The flower of life  : balance energies, overcome stress, promote relaxation, meditation, and better intuition, harmonize human relationships.


    smoky quartz  : Stone of responsibility and refocusing. It would calm too strong emotions and help concentration. It eliminates irrational fears, anxieties and inner contradictions. It strengthens self-confidence, but also the ability to open up to others and make the right decisions. It would promote awareness and the refocusing of energies on more reasonable, more accessible objectives, avoiding failures and disillusions. It helps fight depression. It stabilizes the mood. Smoky quartz would help us connect more to our body and hear its messages to maintain health and balance: hunger, thirst, instinct, need for rest. It helps to fight any form of addiction (alcohol or drugs).

    It is associated with the root, sacral and foot chakras. It works on connective tissues, muscles, kidneys, pancreas and genitals.


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