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8mm stone bracelet of turquoise, labradorite, hematite and obsidian. The accessories are silver in color. The size of the living egg is approximately ½ inch (1.2cm).

Turquoise, labradorite, obsidian and hematite men's bracelet

  • Turquoise:

    A stone with healing properties, it balances and unifies mind and body. It develops the finesse of intuition and empathy. It protects against negative waves or harmful radiation, such as electromagnetic waves. It helps in meditation. It facilitates communication, speech. It brings calm and serenity, amplifying the capacities of love.

    It is associated with the throat chakra. She works on the kidneys and lungs.



    Stone ally of practitioners and people in a context of help and listening to the person. It protects against the discomfort of others for sensitive and empathic beings.

    It is associated with the throat and hand chakras. She works on fever, allergies, blood pressure, toxins, skin, hair, throat, lymph and thyroid.



    Stone that protects against negative energies. It is a powerful shield against harmful influences. Acting both physically and spiritually, its black color gives it an advanced degree of consciousness. Renowned for absorbing pain and trauma, it is a liberating stone.

    It is associated with the 3rd eye chakra. It works on virile power and sexual vigor.

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