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8mm stone bracelet of jasper, smoky quartz and hematite. The accessories are in antique brass. The size of the living egg is approximately ½ inch (1.2cm).

Jasper, smoky quartz and hematite men's bracelet

  • Jasper:

    Stone that brings anchoring, courage, concentration, serenity and unity. She is a supreme protector. Placed under the pillow, it helps us remember our dreams.
    It helps in making quick decisions and putting thoughts into action. It will help you concentrate.

    It is associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras. She works on the spleen and pancreas.


    Smoky Quartz:

    Stone of responsibility and refocusing. It would calm too strong emotions and help concentration. It eliminates irrational fears, anxieties and inner contradictions. It strengthens self-confidence, but also the ability to open up to others and make the right decisions. It helps fight depression. It stabilizes the mood. It helps to fight any form of addiction (alcohol or drugs).

    It is associated with the chakras under the feet, the root chakra and the sacral. It works on connective tissues, muscles, kidneys, pancreas and genitals.



    Stone that develops the ability to listen. It soothes, relaxes, purifies, transmits courage and energy in difficult times.

    It protects against negative energies and electromagnetic waves.

    It is associated with the root chakra. It works on the liver, kidneys, spleen and consolidates iron.

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