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8mm hematite stone bracelet adorned with matte hematite stones and a 4mm hematite egg of life. * Accessories are silver in color. The size of the living egg is approximately ½ inch (1.2cm).

Hematite bracelet

SKU: 0015
  • The egg of life  is a waveform that makes you benefit from the power it releases. The wave it emits interacts with your electromagnetic field and brings change in your energies. The meeting of the egg of life and the semi-precious stones makes it possible to increase the divine properties by working on the subtle planes. 

    Egg of life: promotes meditation, knowledge and harmonization.



    Hematite  : Stone that develops the ability to listen. It soothes, relaxes, purifies, transmits courage and energy in difficult times. It allows you to get out of certain situations with determination and wisdom. It is a Stone which de-stresses, which brings calm. Gives better self-confidence. It helps to regain a taste for life, keeps bad thoughts away, brings courage and protection against negative energies. It allows you to listen to yourself and detect what is wrong. Hematite brings vitality and dynamism to life.

    It is associated with the root chakra and works on the liver, kidneys, spleen and consolidates iron.

    Metals  : Money

    Height : 7 1/4 inches, 18.5 cm

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